National Media Council signs MoU with Emirates Medical Association

WAM Abu Dhabi Feb 16th, 2010 (WAM)--Emirates Medical Association (EMA) and National Media Council (NMC) signed today a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the joint media cooperation between the two sides.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Ali Al Numeri, President of the Emirates Medical Association (EMA) and HE Ibrahim Al-Abed, Director General of the National Media Council (NMC). Present were Ali Aamer Al Mashjari the Executive Director of Emirates News Agency (WAM) and Dr Bassam Darwish EMA media coordinator.

Al Numeri stated after inking the MoU the importance of this step in boosting the role and activities played by (EMA) in serving the society and spread preventive awareness through media coverage of awareness programmes carried out by the EMA around the year.

He said in a statement to WAM that the role played by NMC in providing media services to all media sectors is vital and necessary to provide correct information concerning different activities of interest for the society, stressing the necessity of cooperation with NMC in the field of medical media as an important part of the EMA activities.

Al Numeri said the EMA organised 50 local, regional and international conferences in one year in the UAE, adding that thousands of doctors and scientists took part at those conferences. He also called on companies and corporations of the private sector to patronize such conferences as they present touristic, cultural and social hyping for the country in the international scale.

The signing the MoU between NMC and EMA comes in the context of their keenness to achieve benefits for the common interest and boost the strategic partnership relations and effective cooperation, aiming at achieving the federal government strategy in this respect.

According to the MoU, the EMA will offer facilities to journalists of NMC and hold medical awareness forums for journalists, meanwhile NMC will publish news, information and data of EMA.

The MoU states that EMA and NMC will coordinate and cooperate to raise the level of awareness of their personnel about the important role played by the two institutions.

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