President Speech

Dear Colleagues,
It is my great pleasure to see my EMA member colleagues from all subspecialty societies joining forces to further enhance and develop the advancement of one of the fastest growing professions in the United Arab Emirates.
Your enthusiasm and proactive work will undoubtedly yield fantastic results for your organization, and indeed the region as a whole. With the mutual trust and acquaintance amongst EMA members, it is always possible to build a truly world-class health care service model for the benefit of our patients, both citizens and residents alike, and by and large, the wellbeing of our society.
I encourage all EMA members to capitalize on the EMA membership program, not just for educational and research benefits, networking opportunities, or other membership benefits such as life style, insurance and career development, but also to build significant relationships with other EMA colleagues around the UAE and across the broad range of sub-specialties represented within the EMA.
The stronger and more plentiful these links become over the years, the better is your access to matchless information. Greater opportunities will help widen your intellectual and cultural understanding about our crucially important practices which in turn will make your professional life more pleasurable.
Rest assured that the EMA’s head office, its board members and the staff are ready to support you in every possible way, and I wish each and every one of you immense success in achieving your goals through your EMA membership.
I look forward to seeing you during one of our educational or social events planned throughout the calendar year.

Dr. Mouza AlSharhan
President – Emirates Medical Association